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Or you’re embarrassed that your client will find the broken links on your website (or even worse...that you don’t have a website), or find out you haven’t posted to social media in three months...or your last post was a not-so-impressive photo of your coffee.


Khalema Consulting helps companies be proud of the way they are branded. By creating beautiful overall content for brands, we take the extra marketing work from a your hands and put it in our plate. Ultimately, by allowing you to provide your services instead of having to do all of your own marketing too - you can create more income for your company, while having a greater influence on your clients.


The services Khalema Consulting provides are not all-over-the-place-marketing, they are highly strategic branding solutions with targeted aesthetics, so you can see WHEN your return on investment happens. In days or weeks, you will find leads through your new branding. 


For example, we create branded ebook layouts so clients can send information about their brand directly to their clients. This same ebook, can be a ‘free’ giveaway to encourage people to sign up for a newsletter. Or even bigger, you can write an entire book or guide and sell it. We make it look nice so that the end-buyer is impressed by the initial presentation of the final piece.

Marketing Services 
  • Layout/Design - Proposals & Ebooks

  • Website creation

  • Social media strategy & management 

  • Presentation materials including slides and printed materials

  • Interview & networking coaching

  • Graphic design including logos, color & font selection, brochures, and social media templates

  • Coaching 

Khalema Consulting’s services start RIGHT at the initial meeting. So your bright idea goes to market instead of staying on the sidelines indefinitely. 


So often we find people who have been trying to do all of their marketing themselves. They frantically try to learn how to put their marketing materials together or have their assistants do it, as well as, amp up their social media. At the same time, these entrepreneurs are having their website built by a buddy or doing it themselves. 


If you are doing all of your own marketing, then how do you have have enough time to provide your services at maximum capacity?


If you are ready to put your focus on your services and let us handle your marketing, click here for a free 30 minute consultation on your brand! We can spend this time GIVING you IMMEDIATE solutions to your marketing problems.